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Known as a fertility god, prankster, healer and story teller, Kokopelli has been a source of wonder throughout the country for centuries. Kokopelli embodies the true American Southwest, and dates back over 3,000 years ago, when the first petroglyphs were carved. Although his true origins are unknown, this travelling, flute-playing Casanova is a sacred figure to many South western Native Americans. Carvings of this hunch-backed flute-playing figure have been found painted and carved into rock walls and boulders throughout the Southwest.There are many myths of the famous Kokopelli. One of which is that he travelled from village to village bringing the changing of winter to spring; melting the snow and bringing about rain for a successful harvest. It is also said that the hunch on his back depicted the sacks of seeds and songs he carried. Legend also has it that the flute playing also symbolized the transition of winter to spring. Kokopelli's flute is said to be heard in the spring's breeze, while bringing warmth. It is also said that he was the source of human conception. Legend has it, everyone in the village would sing and dance throughout the night when they heard Kokopelli play his flute. The next morning, every maiden in the village would be with child.He is regarded as the universal symbol of fertility for all life, be it crops, hopes, dreams, or love.

"He of the singing reed,
He of the sacred seed,
comes to assure the fertility
and good fortune of our people."
-Linda Lay Shuler-


Long ago when the world was new, a child was born in Pueblo in New Mexico. He had a large head and grew very tall. His name was Kokopelli. The other children in the village teased Kokopelli because he looked different. The Medicine Man seeing this problem decided to make Kokopelli a clown. "See Kokopelli, people will laugh with you not at you. "Kokopelli became a wonderful clown and entertained the villagers at all the dances and festivals but at night he would climb into the hills and cry because he really did not want to be different.
One night he cried so loud that he could be heard throughout the universe where Spiderwoman was hanging the stars. She called to Kokopelli to come to her, so up he climbed into the universe and told Spiderwoman his sad story. "You have a good heart Kokopelli and deserve a reward. Go fill your back with stars." So he did. Then Spiderwoman gave Kokopelli a magic flute. "Go back to earth and play this flute from village to village. The music will be so beautiful it will fill the people's hearts with joy. The joy will make their feet dance. The dancing will make the joy rise into the clouds and the clouds will cry tears of joy which will water the three sisters: corn, squash and beans. Then there will be an abundant harvest and at every harvest festival, Kokopelli, you throw a handful of stars into the crowd and each young maiden who catches one will hold it to her breast and it will go inside her body and someday she will have a little baby."
So from that day on Kokopelli has been a symbol of all these good things which are: music, dancing, rain, harvest and fertility.

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